Ielts academic writing task 1 words

How do imagine the graph to be. Never copy word for word from the question. There are certain phrases you can use to start your body paragraph and following is a list of such phrases 1.

Adjectives have only one form. Car was the most popular type of transport in all countries, except for Germany. As an overall trend, the number of crimes reported increased fairly rapidly until the mid-seventies, remained constant for five years and finally, dropped to 20 cases a week after The data suggest that The price of chocolate rose.

How about the next sentence: If you just say the price rose without saying how much it rose, that rise could be slightly as in Graph A or sharply as in Graph B.

IELTS Academic Writing Practice Tests

Twenty-five students were from China. There was a fluctuation of the passenger numbers who used the railway transportation during the year to If it has projections for the future, for examplewe use future tenses. Adjectives only have one form. Eight-year is an adjective, and adjectives never have a singular or plural form.

The data suggest that The number of books sold has dropped considerably. See the graph above If you say, in … books were sold. If you are not sure about how to say the year in English, see our lesson about it.

You will be given a line graph, a bar chart, a pie chart, or a table, and you are tested on your ability to interpret the information that is presented in it and describe this in your own words. In Graph B we can see that the price of chocolate rose sharply.

Now, turning to the details As we have already identified in the overview, the consumption of fish and chips declined over the period, whereas the amount of pizza and hamburgers that were eaten increased. But this information is a little incomplete. The diagram shows employment rates among adults in four European countries from to Is there a difference.

There is NO S after hour He went on a three-week vacation. Notice how we used a noun in this example …. Now we need to learn more vocabulary to describe trends.

In sharp contrast to this, teenagers ate the other two fast foods at much higher levels. He works a forty-hour week.

Overall, the leisure hours enjoyed by males, regardless of their employment status, was much higher than that of women. It there is no time, we use present simple. To describe a verb, or how something happens, we use an adverb. How do imagine the graph to be. More than 25 percent of the students come from Brazil.

Rather give the most striking feature of the graph that could be easily understood at a glance. For numbers over 10, you can write the numbers in numbers. It is explicitly observed that There are three main ways you can describe increases and decreases.

It is explicitly observed that House prices rose dramatically in July. Never copy word for word from the question. Vocabulary for the General Trend Part: Why did we put them in that position in each sentence?. Get high marks on Task 1 of the Academic IELTS with our FREE list of useful vocabulary, and complete, free guide to the exam.

IELTS Writing - Academic Task 1 - Vocabulary.

IELTS Writing Task 1

The following words and phrases will help you describe trends: Nouns: a rise an increase a surge a growth. Useful IELTS academic writing task 1 vocabulary. To get a good score in IELTS writing task 1 academic, you need to have a good range of grammar and vocabulary.

In this lesson we will look at 5 words that can be used in various ways. IELTS Writing Course. We offer help to a very small number of students with IELTS Writing Task 1 and all other areas of the test. I do not believe that simply offering students lots of videos helps them, so we do things very differently on our online courses.

Writing Task 1 - Academic; Writing Task 1 - General; Writing Task 2; Speaking Preparation; IELTS Speaking; IELTS Writing Task 1 # IELTS Tip • Use words and phrases such as In the some way and Similarly to introduce the similarities. is optimized for learning, testing, and training.

Useful linking words and phrases

Examples might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding. Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. Academic Word List: It is crucial to have knowledge of a range of words in order to improve your IELTS score.

Here you can learn s of academic words with fun exercises that will help you in your writing, speaking, listening, and reading.

Ielts academic writing task 1 words
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Academic Writing Task 1