Disc platinum rule behavioral style assessment

Based on the analysis, most of the team members agreed with their assessment results. I do not make thing up such as I brought TV on sale which hundred dollars cheap than normal price, I would not tell other that I get two hundred cheap on the item.

Dr. Tony Alessandra

Win people over to your way of thinking. Wendy is the only one who is a steadiness, who has a warm personality. This has created a feeling of unfairness and resulted in reduced levels of productivity. In this interactive session, Tony shows your sales and service reps how to become a solution consultant by focusing more on studying customer needs and assuring customer satisfaction than on pitching product features.

The results you see in your life will be all the reward you will ever need. Who loves consistency and who fears change. I style individuals are personable, therefore they place people before the assignment, this would easily conflict with a D style person who focuses on the task at and and is not as concerned with the people aspect a goal.

Building value for the customer Differentiating your company, products, and sales reps from the competition Cross-selling a range of products and services to both increase profitability and customer retention Increasing your internal customer responsiveness and external customer satisfaction Creating an emotional attachment with your customers Sales Collaborative Selling How to Gain the Competitive Advantage in Selling.

Please help by getting a copy for yourself. You start seeing your family and friends in a whole new - more understanding - way. He was both informative and entertaining in his presentation.

Bibliography lists 11 sources. Encouraging behaviors that are outside of the norm and helping these individuals adjust to alternate solutions consistently will allow a feeling of acceptance; therefore he or she will openly express ideas, which could lead to a stronger working relationship and new innovative thoughts.

The sooner you answer the questions that are in their head the sooner you will get what you need or want from them. Can you imagine just how much this would enhance your leadership influence and other areas of your life.

The bibliography cites 33 sources. They tend to operate on intuition and like to take risks Alessandra, T, I am not exaggerates because I always tell people truth. They are excellent listeners as well as planners however; they are slow when It comes to making decisions.

The response you get from them will astonish you. With four members possessing the same style, they understand reactions from the team members, and they tend to have the same respect for the tasks at hand.

The Interactive style is strong in people and communication skills and they are idea-people and dreamers who can influence others to become excited about their vision Alessandra, I would not tell people acknowledge that I do now know. As a leader, the golden rule works well if the person you are working with has the same upbringing as you did, has the same behavioral style, is motivated by the same things, has the same vocabulary and has the same values.

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This benefits the team so the project can be completed on time and does not have any delays. I notice that is important to lead people and follow people. Most were able to take away information that they can put to practice immediately in their sales conversations.

Is it best to go ahead and schedule some check-in points now or do you want me to reach out to you in a few weeks, or is there another method that you have found that works best for you in regard to giving or receiving feedback?. Congratulations on your decision to take the DISC Online Assessment.

Completing it could be Tony Alessandra calls The Platinum Rule - Treat others the way they want to be treated.

In addition to understanding your behavioral style, the report will identify ways that you can apply. In this paper we will be discussing the study of various behaviors via taking the DISC platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment to identify both me and my learning team member’s predominant behavior styles.

Jun 24,  · These behavioral assessments, such as DISC and Motivators, measure why and how people do what they do. I can- one of the terms that I use is the platinum rule. [It’s] how to adjust your style to fit somebody else’s style. to take a behavioral assessment and to actually sit down in a debriefing session to talk about how.

Congratulations on your decision to take the DISC and Learning Styles Combined Assessment. soon realized that another practical rule to live by seemed to be what Dr.

Tony Alessandra calls The Platinum Rule In addition to understanding your DISC style, Part II (Application of DISC Styles) covers behavioral adaptability - ways you. Within the Disc Platinum Rule Assessment, it conveys behavior traits similar to many personalities.

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Behavioral styles are very unique in showing how personalities demonstrate the way everyone responds toward different situations.

· A summary of your individual predominate behavioral style as outlined in the DISC Platinum Rule™ Assessment.


Discuss each team member’s different behavioral styles, and the effect on the team. MGT Week 3 Learning Team DISC Platinum Rule™ Assessment and .

Disc platinum rule behavioral style assessment
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